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Our Talent

At EverSource, we refer to our employees as our talent. This is deliberate and purposeful. Our clients are seeking top-notch service and cutting-edge thinking. Our talent delivers just that!

We attract, train and retain people dedicated to our clients’ success and committed to their own personal growth. Our hiring process matches the unique talents of each individual with the specific needs of the client.

Happy employees

Hiring people with “Elephant DNA” promotes our culture of adaptability, gratitude, transparency, commitment and forward-thinking.

Our talent clearly understands and feels comfortable bringing suggestions, solutions and feedback to EverSource management because they know leadership will always humbly listen and take action.

A key differentiator is that we acknowledge and reward our talent, translating into a stable, consistent, reliable and positive “habitat” within our client’s offices.

Our Total Rewards Package

This includes:

  • Competitive Compensation & Promotional Opportunities

  • PTO & Paid Holidays

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits

  • Training & Recognition Programs

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